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Employee Letter of Reprimand Template Sample

Sample Employee Letter of Reprimand


[Name of Company, Suite, Street Address, State, ZIP Code]

RE: Formal letter of reprimand for [Employee Name], regarding attendance.

Dear [Employee Name]:

This letter is to make you aware that you are being formally reprimanded for arriving over 20 minutes late for you scheduled shift on four occasions in the past week, in violation of Attendance - Policies and Procedures. Your supervisor, [Name of Supervisor], and team leader, [Name of Team Leader], have both made written reports regarding your performance.

In order for our company to reach its stated production objectives it is necessary that all of our employees are at their designated work stations at the beginning of every shift. When employees arrive late we are forced to cover their duties with other employees or delay the start of production � exceptions which result in unnecessary costs. It is for this reason that we must make it clear that your late arrival for your work shifts is unacceptable. This behavior must be changed immediately.

You have received one informal verbal warning and two formal verbal warnings. This written reprimand is the fourth step in a process that may culminate in your termination as an employee if improvements in your performance are not observed immediately.

A copy of this reprimand will be placed in your permanent employment file with the company. You are required to be at your work station at the start of your scheduled shifts. Failure to comply with this aspect of your job description in the future will lead to further disciplinary action.


[Signature of Supervisor or Manager]

[Name of Supervisor or Manager]

[Title of Supervisor or Manager]

Sample Receipt of Letter of Reprimand

I, [Employee Name], acknowledge having received this letter of reprimand. I understand that a copy of this letter will be place with my permanent employment file. I understand that my acknowledgment of receipt does not signify my agreement with its contents or any admission of guilt.

I have been informed that I have the right and the opportunity to prepare a written response that may be attached to this letter and so placed in my permanent employment file.

[Signature of Employee]

[Employee Name]

[Employee Position]


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