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How to Verify Employment History and do a Work History Check

Detailed explanation about various types of employment history checking.

Because we're becoming a country that is more reliant on confirming information as opposed to taking someone's word for what they say, a lot of information is now online and it's also public access. That means that if you need to verify employment for a person who's working for you, you can readily pull up the information and know whether or not they're being honest with you.

Sometimes people want to hide a conviction, or criminal past and they don't want to go into details because they need the job and they need money, but they still have to respect that as an employer, when you ask them for information you want them to be honest because it will help you to know whether or not they're going to be honest when they work for you.


How to start your job history record search

To find out information on an employee, you can instantly do a search based on the first and last name. If you have a middle name, that can help as well, and you may also want to include things like the address where they live(d), or even the town where they grew up in. You can ask them for that and most people are generally honest about where they lived.

Narrowing down the employment history and all available names

When you go to a website such as a free public records search site or a site like Free Public Records resources you will quickly be able to see how many people have that same name and you can narrow down your search based on the city or town that the person gave you. If you don't find that, you may have to try to include the middle name to see if it helps you to pinpoint exactly who they are and available records for that particular person.

Employment Background searches

Your next step will be to look for information that can help you see their background check information. That means that we're going to look for the particular dates where they may have been employed. Let's say for example if they said that for the past 5 years they were working for one particular company, you want to look for dates around those particular dates and time frames to see whether or not the person they have been employed, or if they were arrested.

For example if you see that they were in the detention center or a correctional facility for 3 years, that will explain the huge time discrepancy in their history and then you know that obviously they could not have worked for another company for 5 years if they were prison for 3 years!

Confirming your suspicions:

Sometimes this information will be something that you have to verify further because you want to ensure that you're dealing with the right person, so you may then want to access their full arrest record so you can confirm who they are, and then this can let you know whether or not this is your employee. When you do your records search, you will be able to view all criminal details, their mug shot, physical description, etc., and these details can further assist you.


Confirming employment history

Another way that you can do an employment verification, is when you pull up their record information, you may want to call and ask. You can call the different employers that they may have had and just ask whether or not they worked there. This information will be online and if the person was lying to you, you may see company information that doesn't match what they put on their resume. Your suspicions may warrant a phone call because they could be trying to cover up a lie they don't want to be caught in like if they were fired from a company for bad behavior.

Doing your employment verification search

You can go online and do a free employment search and this will give you a general description of the jobs that they may have had in the past. Keep in mind that some of this information is not reliable unless you have the full information on the person such as their first and last name, their middle name and a town where they live(d) in, that way you can verify and confirm that it's them.

Finding the right person:

For example, if their name is Lisa Smith, you may find thousands of Lisa Smiths so you cannot assume that the first one that you see is going to be your particular employee. Even if you type in Lisa L Smith, there may still be thousands with the same name. That's why you want to add in an address, city or town and this can help you to further narrow it down.

Employment, work history and job verification sites

Additionally, there are other websites that can help you to do an employment verification so that you can confirm things such as citizenship and immigration. You can go to sites like, which is a free way to look up a person to verify employment and citizenship for your workers and staff.

Other Job and work history related sources to consider

Other sites that are free and can help to confirm citizenship for employees include This is a site that can verify employment eligibility if you are searching for someone because this is through the Department of Homeland Security and this can help to ensure that the person has their citizenship in the United States.

Another top website that you can use for and free employment verification is, where you can actually type in the person's first and last name and their address and you can search this site. You can also try through sites like Instant Checkmate which can quickly tell you if a person has a criminal past, or you can try through sites like US People Records which helps to quickly find people you might be looking for. Another site to check out is Been Verified for employee background checks and also US Background Checks, or Spy Fly to get the records that you need.

When you search through public records, the information that is instantly accessible for you includes all of this because the information is publicly viewable for anyone. Even if you want to do an employment search for a person, this can help you to understand the
the person, their background and whether or not they are being honest with you.

Sometimes people go online and they find out that employees who they are the closest to and think are the most reliable are the ones that has the most convictions. That's why you want to check to ensure ahead of time that you're working with people who are honest, by confirming information yourself and not just taking their word for it.

When you're ready to do your records search, be sure to go to Free Public Records resources and this can help you to instantly access the information you need.


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