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Workplace Random Drug Testing



Three Unique Reasons to Utilize Random Drug Testing in the Workplace


Random drug testing has proved to be an effective tool in the workplace. Sharp business owners are always looking for good tools they can use to ensure their employees are in good working condition. While there has been some push back against drug testing in the workplace, savvy employers understand that these tests help to reduce liability and maintain control of worker behavior. If you're considering whether to institute random drug tests in your office, here are three reasons why it might make sense for you.

Random drug tests deter drug use

The purpose of random drug testing is not to catch employees in the act. If you run a business, then you know that you've invested money in recruiting and training each employee in your office. It's always best to keep those people around rather than having to go out and find new professionals to do the job. The primary benefit of random drug testing is the deterrence factor. When employees know that they can be tested at any time, they'll be less likely to engage in harmful drug use. You'll help ensure they come to work in a condition that allows them to do the job.

Compliance structures that lessen your liability

If an accident happens on the floor of your plant or in your office, you may end up giving a deposition in a lawsuit. One of the questions will certainty center on the protocols you had in place to ensure that employees were in good physical condition. If you can demonstrate that you had solid compliance policies in place, you'll have lessened exposure in these lawsuits. Showing that you've conducted random drug tests will demonstrate that you're serious about keeping your consumers safe.

Setting a tone in your business culture

Most business owners spend at least some time thinking about the culture they're trying to cultivate. If you are after an open office environment where employees have maximum freedom, then random drug testing might not be best for you. If you want a culture that's all about productivity, though, then random drug tests can help. The primary benefit of these tests in building your culture is that you'll attract employees who have no problem with the tests. People who are serious about doing a good job and staying off of drugs will be more likely to apply for your open positions, while people who are more concerned with smoking on their lunch break will go apply to your competitors.

Smart business owners understand that some tools are necessary in today's corporate climate. Random drug testing has many benefits that can save you money and help you charge forward toward added productivity. From deterring potentially dangerous conduct to keeping your liability low in the case of an accident, conducting these tests can benefit your company immensely. Don't you want to maintain control over your company and ensure that your office doesn't turn into a frat house where the employees turn every day into a party?


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