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Three Things to Know About WhitePages Reverse Lookup


If you're looking for somebody in the United States or Canada, then you have probably used WhitePages at one point or another. WhitePages is a private directory service that allows you to search for individuals, businesses, and even conduct reverse lookups on phone numbers and addresses. As such, WhitePages is an extremely useful tool for getting contact information on most people in North America. Despite the popularity of this service, however, many people don't understand how WhitePages reverse lookup works and how they can get the most out of it. Here are just three things you should know about WhitePages to help you get more out of this unique service.

WhitePages is not the phonebook

Given that when most people think of the "white pages" they think of the (literally) white pages listing personal telephone numbers in their local directory, it is understandable that many people would think of the WhitePages as being the same as the traditional print phonebook. It's important to realize, however, that WhitePages is a private company and therefore not actually affiliated with your local telephone directory provider. However, because WhitePages uses publicly available information for its databases (such as phonebooks), the information that is in your local phonebook should also be available through WhitePages.

Actually, it's better than the phonebook

WhitePages may not be the same as the "white pages" you know from the phonebook, but that doesn't mean WhitePages is less useful than the phonebook. In fact, chances are WhitePages can provide you with a lot more information than what is available from most traditional print phone directories. WhitePages gets its information from publicly available information, which can include telephone directories and even social media profiles, along with data from third-party suppliers, such as from subscription lists and contest submissions. As a result, the WhitePages database is much larger than what you will find in the phone book, with the website covering an estimated 80 percent of the U.S. population.

WhitePages is about more than phone numbers

The confusion between the company WhitePages and the "white pages" of the phonebook also leads some to wrongly assume that WhitePages is primarily in the business of helping people look up phone numbers. Actually, WhitePages does a lot more than your typical phone number lookup service. If you look up somebody's name, for example, WhitePages will provide a list of matches that include current and former places of residence, age range, and even people that he or she might now. Additionally, you can even do a reverse phone or address lookup or even search public records, such as court documents and traffic offenses, to find information about a certain individual or business.

WhitePages is one of the most popular people search engines currently on the web, but many people continue to confuse it with the traditional "white pages" from the phonebook. The truth is, however, that WhitePages does far more than the phonebook ever did and allows you to search for people and businesses all across the U.S. By compiling data from a broad range of sources into one place, WhitePages is proving itself to be a powerful people finder in the internet age.

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