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When Conducting a Saliva Drug Test Makes Sense for Employers


Employers have many different types of drugs tests at their disposal, but not all are right for every occasion. Blood tests are invasive and painful. Hair tests can cast a net that's too wide. Many employers settle on a saliva drug test to fulfill whatever drug testing purpose they might have. These tests are easier to conduct and can provide quick results. They're usually done to discover whether an employee has engaged in drug use on the job or just before coming to work. Here are some of the times when employers might benefit from administering these tests.

During random drug screenings

Studies indicate that if employers are serious about both detecting and deterring drug use, random drug screenings are the way to go. Planned drug testing gives employees the opportunity to either stop their drug use for a while or arrange a masking strategy. Random tests are more likely to bring about positive results and can deter people from engaging in drug use in the first place. A saliva drug test makes sense for random drug screenings because it's less expensive and much easier to administer than blood or hair testing.

Probable cause tests

Some employers only conduct drug testing when they have reason to believe an employee is under the influence of drugs. These probable cause tests can come from the report of a fellow employee or the observation of a supervisor. Saliva drug testing is perfect for this purpose because it provides more accurate testing at that particular moment. If the goal of the company is to uncover on the job drug use, then saliva drug testing is the preferred method. It provides a cost-effective solution in comparison to urine testing, and employees who are under the influence can't trick the test through urine masking.

After-incident testing

Smart companies always have in place a risk management protocol that allows them to conduct testing after an accident or other incident takes place on the job. This helps protect these companies from the legal liability that might follow. In these scenarios, the most important element is speed. They need drug tests that can be completed on-site. Likewise, if a lawsuit ever arises, the chain of custody of the drug testing specimen may become an issue. Saliva drug testing tends to be easier to handle than blood testing or hair testing, providing less of an opportunity for contamination. Many companies have found these tests to be effective in providing them with confirmation that an employee was not under the influence when an unfortunate accident took place on the job.

Companies today have many different drug testing options at their disposal, and many make use of a wide variety depending upon the situation. A saliva drug test may not be the best option for pre-employment drug screening or other situations, but this form of testing can work well for random screenings and after-incident testing. Wouldn't you like to use the best possible method to quickly and reliably discover whether your employees were working under the influence or marijuana or other drugs?


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