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Getting The Most Out Of Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Any discussion about reverse phone number lookup has to begin with an explanation of how life was before smartphones and electronic contact lists. It really was not that long ago that most homes had at least one telephone installed and serviced by a local telephone company. Today, people refer to these devices as landlines, but back in the days before cellular phone service, they were simply referred to as telephones.

A little history about reverse phone number lookup and phone directories

When you acquired a telephone in the days before cellphone service, the telephone company supplied you with printed listings of other subscribers to phone service in your area. These lists were in a book called a "telephone directory." One directory, known as the �white pages�, listed residential telephone subscribers. Another book, referred to as the "yellow pages," contained listings and advertising for businesses with telephones.

Both the white pages and the yellow pages allowed you to find a telephone number by looking up the name of the person or business. Telephone companies quickly realized that the directories were of no use to someone who had a telephone number and wanted to match it to a subscriber's name and address. The solution was the gray pages directory.

Reverse phone directories were printed on gray stock and were organized to allow a person only a telephone number to look it up and find a subscriber's name and address. Reverse phone number lookup was born.

Reverse phone number lookup and the Internet

Chances are that you do not have a printed telephone directory in your possession right now. Web-based directories allow you to look up telephone numbers and addresses in much the same way as the printed white pages and yellow pages once did, but they also allow you to do a reverse number lookup if all you have to work with is a telephone number.

NOTE: Landline telephone subscribers who do not want their numbers appearing in telephone directories can pay a fee to keep their information unlisted and out of printed and Internet-based telephone directories. This would also make the information unavailable to anyone doing a reverse phone number lookup.

Cellphone numbers and reverse phone number lookup

Except for telephone numbers that are not listed at the request of the subscriber, free reverse phone number lookup services on the Internet are fairly successful in providing you with the name and address associated with a particular phone number. The same thing cannot be said for searches run using cellphone numbers.

While it is possible to do a reverse phone number lookup against a cellphone number, you will probably have to pay for it. There are several websites that will provide this service, but they charge a fee for each reverse phone number lookup that you request. Some companies offer a yearly subscription service allowing you to pay a flat fee regardless of the number of searches you request.

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