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Random Drug Testing Benefits



Three Random Drug Testing Advantages Every Smart Business Owner Knows


Random drug testing has come under fire in the public eye, as many employees have asked that their employers back away from this practice. Citing concerns over privacy and the like, these individuals claim that drug testing is an affront that should be abandoned. Smart business owners know, though, that random drug testing has many advantages. When used properly, it can protect a business owner from liability, allow the business owner to maintain control over his workplace, and set the culture the business owner needs. Here are three random drug testing advantages to consider when choosing how to implement your own program.

Random drug testing is a better deterrent than scheduled drug testing protocols

With the Internet being what it is today, employees have as much information as they need to trick scheduled drug tests. They can plan their drug use in such a way that the scheduled tests won't detect it. Studies show that random drug testing serves as a much better deterrent, keeping employees on their toes at all times. Employers who use random tests will ensure that their employees are focused on the right things rather than engaging in recreational drug use on or off the job.

These programs help with employment self-selection

Companies that randomly drug test their employees tend to get a better crop of applicants for any given job. If a person has a drug problem or is not willing to curtail his or her drug use, then they'll more than likely choose to apply to a different company if they are given a choice. Most people won't subject themselves to random drug testing if it will significantly alter their lifestyle. This will make your human resources process that much easier. You'll have a batch of resumes and applications from people who applied to you with the full knowledge that you conduct these tests. That they are willing to go through the testing is a decent sign that they'll be free of drug use.

The opportunity to make thoughtful decisions on employees

Random drug testing programs don't necessarily mean you'll be firing people left and right. They are simply tools that give you information with which you can make an informed decision. For instance, you may decide that an employee who tests positive for marijuana one time is in need of counseling. You might decide that an employee who tests positive for harder drugs while working is too big a risk to keep on staff. You can make accurate and thoughtful decisions on each employee once you gather information more fully.

Random drug testing may get a bad rap, but it's something that helps employers craft the sort of workplace they want. If you are concerned that your employees may be using and that it may be impacting their productivity, then a random drug testing protocol may solve your problem. Wouldn't you want to employ a tool that gives you the best chance at establishing a productive culture while managing the needs of your employees?


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