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Three Quirky People You Might Encounter While Searching for Illinois Birth Records


As the world grows bigger and populations expand, record keeping becomes more cumbersome. Gone are the days when local offices had files that could be pulled and accessed quickly by concerned citizens needing a passport or a name change. In places like Illinois, you'll have to go through a process to get your records. Waiting too long can leave you out of luck, but if you know how to play the system, getting Illinois birth records should be easy. Be prepared to meet some characters along the way. Here's who you might meet, how they can help you, and how you should deal with them.

The records office worker who refuses to be rushed

As you look for Illinois birth records, you might come across workers in the state office who simply will not be rushed. While your birth certificate might be the most important thing for you at that moment, the office has a hundred different things to do other than pacify you. It's important to remember this and work around it. You'll be able to coax a quicker result in many instances. A little kindness and an explanation of why you need your birth records might help speed the process along. Just understand that the people working in these offices have heard it all. They will not be moved by people who try to be pushy.

The person who helps process your online request

The good news about seeking Illinois birth records is that you'll be able to take advantage of the state's online system. Like many states, Illinois has gotten on board with Internet customer service. This doesn't mean you'll be able to get your records right online, though. You may still have to pick them up in person or pay to have them shipped. If you run into problems handling the issue online, or if you have an issue that can't be handled by the automated system, don't hesitate to put in a phone call. Many issues can be sorted out by talking to a human being who understands what you need.

The angry patron who didn't follow the rules

You may encounter in your quest a person who just didn't follow the proper protocols for getting Illinois birth records. This person may be ranting and raving at the Illinois records office of your choosing, where they will insist that they ordered a long-form birth certificate rather than the short-form certificate they were just handed. You never want to be this person. Make sure you follow the rules carefully. Keep in mind deadlines, shipment and processing times, and the actual record type you're requesting. It's no fun to make a mistake and end up angry at records office workers who don't care about your plight.

When you're on the hunt for Illinois birth records, you have options at your disposal. The online system for requesting records is quite good. You'll have to verify information and make the right selections, but it's possible to handle everything online. If you have to go the offline route, keep in mind who you are dealing with. Don't you want to facilitate the process and make it as simple as possible?


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