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Three Important Legal Reasons to Check Driving Record Before Hiring an Employee


Most people in business know just how critical it is to conduct significant background checks before hiring an employee. If you're going to be paying, training, and investing in a person, you should know what you're getting. Most will conduct a criminal background check. Many will do a public records check and even a credit check. Many employers miss out on another obvious background check component, though. The driving record check is smart both from a practical and legal perspective. Here are three important reasons why you should check the driving record of your potential employees.

1. Protection from negligent hiring accusations

If a person working for you happens to get in an accident, you could face liability on two different grounds. For one, you'll face liability on the basis of respondeat superior, the concept that responsibility goes right to the top. On top of that, you might face more specific liability if you happen to be negligent in your hiring practices. The reasonable employer will know many facts about a potential employee before putting that employee in a vehicle or even unleashing him on the public. When you conduct a driving record check, you'll be able to demonstrate to an inquiring court that you did everything in your power to know who you were hiring.

2. You can place employees in positions where they'll be successful

Any business lawyer worth her salt will tell a business owner that avoiding a lawsuit is the most important thing. Part of your job is figuring out how to put employees in the best position to succeed. If you really like an employee who has a spotty driving record, you might find a way to limit that person's time on the road. You might give them more time to make their trips so they don't feel the need to rush. You might even plan more trips where they don't have to drive.

3. Confirming elements of the resume

Employers have a legal duty to put in due diligence when confirming an employee's background. While it can be cumbersome and impractical to call every reference on a person's application, you can discover whether some resume elements are legitimate by scanning their driving records. Driving records will tell you where a person lived, where they were registered to drive, and where they made appearances in court, if applicable. This can serve as a good cross-check to a resume, allowing you to compare dates and locations without having to invest significant time in making dozens of phone calls. If a question comes up during this cross-check, you can then make the important calls to get to the bottom of the situation.

Employers should do everything possible to protect themselves when they hire a new employee. While it's never possible to know exactly who you're hiring, you can get a good picture of the person's past by pulling various records. Don't forget to check driving records if you want a complete picture. Don't you want your company to be protected as well as possible from liability?


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