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Check Company Basics: Five Ways to Know Your Background Check Service is Legit


If you want to run a legitimate business, you'll need to do due diligence on the people you hire. People will come to you with long histories that can provide insight into what they've done and how they've acted not only in other jobs, but in their interactions with friends, family, and various sectors of society. The good news is that you don't have to go digging for this information all on your own. You can find it out through a check company that will pull the relevant information in a person's background. How do you choose a company? How do you know the check company you've chosen is legitimate? Here are five ways to know.

1. They offer more than just a criminal background check

It's fairly easy to find a person's criminal history online. With a little bit of information about a person and a few minutes of Googling, you're likely to find a person's arrests and convictions. A legit check company will be able to offer more than just that. Ask whether they can access sealed records or those that have been expunged.

2. They are licensed

Depending upon which state you're in, investigative companies may need a license to operate. This is certainly true if your company is offering a private investigatory element. If they plan to run down friends and family to ask questions, they should have the proper licensing to do that.

3. They don't promise too much

Be wary of companies that offer the world. The ideal check company will be able to compile as much publicly available information as possible. They may also pull information you could never get. They shouldn't be promising too much, though. Be careful when you hear a company making bold claims about what it can get.

4. Their reputation is verifiable

You should be willing to run a check on the company that will run a check on your employees. Use the Internet to search for reviews of your chosen check company. If there's a list of good reviews, you can probably choose that company with confidence. Try to read any negative reviews to see whether the claims are legitimate.

5. They're registered with the BBB

The Better Business Bureau provides a listing of companies and allows citizens to file complaints against those companies. Check with the BBB to see whether any citizen has been unhappy with your check company's actions. The most common disputes are over payment and time frames. Find out whether the company delivers what it promises for the dollar amount it agreed to.

There are many good check companies out there that can help you conduct that all-important due diligence on your potential employees. Seek out a good company so that you can sleep easy at night. Just make sure you choose a company that has a good reputation and offers a reasonable service. If you're going to great lengths to vet your own employees, shouldn't you vet the people vetting them?


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