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International Background Checks: Three Things to Keep in Mind When You're Hiring Foreign Workers


Some companies today try to get their workers from other countries. They bring in skilled people who can help them build a multi-national business by providing a skill or perspective not readily available in North America. Hiring a worker of this nature can present some logistical challenges. Certainly visa issues are at the top of the list, but international background checks are also something a company must nail down. Investigating the background of potential international hires is more difficult and involved than simply running down information on the person who lives down the street. Here are three things you must know as you go through this process.

Your access to information will depend on the country the person is from

You'll have a much easier time running down information on a person from a country that keeps solid records. In some especially high-profile cases, Major League Baseball teams have not been able to confirm the age of players coming from various countries. Your ability to effectively identify issues with the employee will depend where he or she is from. In general, Western European countries tend to have very good record keeping protocols, while less developed nations tend to have more holes in these systems.

International background checks are more expensive

You will end up paying a bit more money to investigate a person's background if they are from overseas. The reasons for this should be obvious to some. Everything from phone calls to visits to shipping becomes more expensive when an international element is thrown into the mix. While the Internet is helping to keep these costs down some, you should still expect to incur a larger cost. Many companies today are finding that this service is worth the cost. A few extra dollars spent up front can keep them from wasting money on visas for people who might not be able to work well in the company.

What constitutes a crime may surprise you

If you're doing a criminal background check on an international hire, you'll need to take into account the differences in the law between your country and the country where your hire is coming from. Some countries criminalize things that are legal in the US and Canada. Other countries make legal things that the US and Canada prohibit. The usefulness of one of these checks will depend heavily on your ability to interpret the data and apply it to your situation.

International hires can be riskier in part because of the lack of information on the person. This is a risk you'll need to accept in part in you are going to hire people from around the world. You shouldn't simply write off background check processes, though. It's possible to conduct an international background check and get enough information to give you a good sense of who you're bringing into the fold. Isn't it good to know whether the international worker has the values and background to fit in with your organization?


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