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What You Can (and Can't) Do With Instant Checkmate


Instant Checkmate is one of the most powerful people search engines around. If you're looking for background info on somebody in the United States, there is a good chance that you will find at least some useful information through Instant Checkmate. This powerful website aggregates federal, state and county records into one easy-to-use search engine. A simple search can reveal information derived from criminal records, birth certificates, sex offender registration, and much more. However, as with any people search engine, there are important privacy and security rules you should be aware of before you conduct a search. Below is a quick look at what is permitted with Instant Checkmate and what is forbidden.

What can you do with Instant Checkmate?

Instant Checkmate allows you to look up a person's public records that are available online. In theory, you can look up anybody's public records, including your own. There are, however, restrictions on what you can do with such records. You can, for example, look up whether any sex offenders live in your neighborhood. You can also use Instant Checkmate for personal reasons, such as looking up the background of new neighbors, friends, or acquaintances. A people search can also give you greater assurance about a potential date by allowing you to see whether he or she has a criminal history. Instant Checkmate is also a great tool for reconnecting with old friends and classmates. Finally, if you are buying or selling something with someone you only know online, you may want to do a background check to ensure that you'll be safe meeting that particular person.

What is prohibited with Instant Checkmate?

While Instant Checkmate is a powerful tool, you cannot use it for absolutely anything. A very important point to keep in mind is that you are not allowed to use Instant Checkmate to screen potential employees, including those who are applying for household positions, such as nannies and gardeners. Likewise, if you are planning on hiring a professional, such as a tutor or personal trainer, you cannot use an Instant Checkmate search to screen such professionals. Furthermore, as a landlord you are prohibited from using this search tool to screen tenants, whether they be residential or commercial. Finally, it is inappropriate and often against the law to use this people search engine to make decisions concerning educational qualifications, scholarship eligibility, or decisions related to credit or insurance. Instant Checkmate itself is always keen to remind its users that it is not a Consumer Reporting Agency, meaning that using the site to determine a credit applicant's eligibility is prohibited.

In the world of people search engines, Instant Checkmate definitely stands out. By gathering together such a large trove of public records in one place, Instant Checkmate is a powerful tool for helping you uncover some background info on just about anybody who has ever lived in the United States. However, you should always abide by federal and state laws concerning background checks and ensure that you do not do something that could land you in legal trouble.

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