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Three Steps for Getting the Most from a Free Reverse Phone Lookup


If you're looking to conduct a free reverse phone lookup then you certainly have a lot of options. A quick Google search of reverse phone directories will deliver countless results, but you may be wondering if any of those results are up to the task of uncovering the person or business who has been trying to call you. The truth is that many free reverse phone lookups can become extremely limited if you are trying to find an unlisted number or a cell phone number. Therefore, to get the most out of your reverse phone lookup without paying a dime, it is important to get creative. Here are three steps for conducting the most effective free reverse phone lookup online.

Use a reverse directory

Your starting point is also the most obvious place from which to begin. A free reverse phone directory, such as the White Pages or, is a great place to start your phone number search. These directories are completely free and they allow you to simply enter the phone number that you're after. In turn, the directory will reveal the name of the individual or business that has been trying to contact you along with that person or business' location. However, reverse phone directories tend to work best for listed landlines. They are definitely more hit and miss when it comes to cellphones and unlisted numbers.

Doing a Google search

Because free reverse phone directories can be limited in the types of numbers they list, you might need to broaden your search. A Google search of the phone number you're after could reveal a surprising amount of information about the person or business who has been calling you. This is because a cellphone number not listed in a reverse directory may find its way into another website. For example, say a certain business has been trying to contact you, but that business uses a cellphone number. That number may be listed on the business' webpage (and thus would likely show up in a Google search), but would perhaps be unlisted in a reverse directory.

Facebook reverse lookup

A lot of people are unaware that Facebook can also function as a reverse phone lookup. Even if you're not Facebook friends with the person who has been trying to call you, you may be able to use Facebook to uncover the identity of that person. Just enter the phone number into Facebook's search box and if you get a result you can be fairly certain about the identity behind the number. Keep in mind, however, that some people may have adjusted their privacy settings to prevent reverse phone number lookups from being performed on them.

While reverse phone directories are numerous on the internet, if you really want to find out who has been calling you then you're going to have to get pretty clever about your search methods. As the above steps show, you can still conduct an effective reverse phone lookup, even on unlisted numbers and cellphones, without ever paying a cent!

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