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How to Find People from Your Past Online


One of the joys of the internet is that it has made reconnecting with old friends easier than ever. With so many people using email and social media, you have plenty of options for being able to find people who were important to you in the past. Whether you're looking for a childhood friend, an old schoolmate, or your roommate from college, you can quickly use the internet to make your search easier. However, you may be wondering about where exactly to begin your online search. Below is a look at how to find people online fast and effectively.

Gather details together

You will need to remember as much information about your old friend as possible in order to conduct a proper online people search. Information like maiden name, date of birth, places where your friend used to live, schools they went to, their parents' names, and former employers are all helpful. Try writing all the information down in one place so that you always have it at hand during your search.

Contact mutual acquaintances

Chances are you probably know somebody who also remembers the person you're looking for. It doesn't hurt to ask friends and acquaintances whether they have any information about the person you're seeking. By emailing mutual acquaintances, they may be able to provide you with some contact information about the old friend you're after.

Social media

Social media platforms, such as Facebook LinkedIn, are extremely useful for contacting old friends. A Facebook search, for example, lets you refine your search for a person based on information that you probably know about the person you're looking for, such as by schools attended and former employers. Furthermore, Facebook often tends to "suggest friends" if there is reason to believe that you may have known each other before, such as if you both have a lot of mutual friends. However, because not everybody posts complete profiles on Facebook, there is no guarantee that this social media platform alone will provide what you're after.

Google search

If social media doesn't turn up any results, don't despair. A Google search may be able to help. Google's search engine is incredibly powerful and it will scour vast tracts of the internet, including social media sites, online newspaper archives, and many digitized registries, to help you find the result you want. Remember, however, that there may be many people in the world who have the same name as the person you're searching for. In that case, it can be even more helpful to do a Google Image search. If the images that are returned seem like they could be of your old friend then you may have a useful lead.

Reconnecting with old friends is a great way to renew a social bond and reminisce about the past. With the internet, you have the most powerful tool ever created for finding people from your past. From email to Google to Facebook, the resources provided by the internet will help you easily find just about anybody that you want to reconnect with.

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