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How FBI Fingerprint Background Checks Differ From Standard Background Checks


When you set out to conduct due diligence either for employment or general protection purposes, you'll be confronted with quite a few options. Not every background check is the right one for every employer. In fact, you need to know the rules and regulations of your state before making a strategic decision on what's right for you. Many people think of the FBI fingerprint background check as being the best and most reliable of the bunch. In general, they are correct. If you're looking into that option, here's a little of what you should know.

Not just anyone can request an FBI fingerprint check

According to FBI regulations, if you are going to be submitting a request for some reason other than official criminal justice identification, you may have to go through an intermediary. In many cases, you'll be required to go through a state licensing organization that will get the information from the FBI. The FBI is bound by federal law, and you won't just be able to get this identifying information without first consulting your state and local authorities. The system is designed to keep you out, even if the information could potentially be helpful for some legitimate business purpose.

The information is more reliable

The FBI fingerprint check is based upon information that's been submitted with fingerprint confirmation by various agencies around the country. This means it's much more likely to show actual results and not false positives. Even if you're reviewing the information of someone with an extremely common name, you'll know you're getting the right person. Many companies are willing to pay a little more and go through a more extensive process to have this certainty on their side.

You'll only get criminal information and military dispositions

Don't expect the FBI's check to provide you with things like credit history or employment history. The FBI is in the business of law enforcement, so they track only those things relevant to their purpose. You're paying for a more extensive and complete version of a person's criminal history. Keep your expectations in check and you won't have an issue.

Some people can be turned off by the invasive process

In order to conduct an FBI fingerprint background check on someone, you're going to need their identifying information. In many cases, this means getting a fingerprint from the person. In the age of heightened concerns about privacy, some people will be unwilling to comply with this request. Even people who have nothing to hide may not like to give away this information. Companies should always keep this in mind as they make their decisions on which background checks to run.

An FBI fingerprint check is one of the best ways to ensure you're getting the right person. If you have particular policies about criminal history, this safeguard will ensure you're not bringing someone harmful into the fold. You may have to go through a slightly more complicated process, but the certainty you'll get on the back end will make up for your time and aggravation.


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