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Four Surprising Things a Background Check Service Can Reveal


Everyone has a public record, whether they know it or not. Even people who've never been arrested for a crime have some kind of record that can reveal the sort of life they've lived. There are many reasons why you might want to access that record. Most people who make use of background services are in the human resources business. Some, though, are just looking to check out their neighbor or assess a person doing a deal for their older parent. Whatever the case, you should know what you're getting into with a background check service. Here are four surprising things that service might uncover for you.

Eviction records and other renting problems

Few things will tell you more about a person than their rental records. People who are responsible pay their bills and leave their renting relationships in good shape. Those who are irresponsible often take advantage of their landlords and compile bad renting records. When you use a background check service, you might find information on broken leases or evictions. This is helpful for understanding what kind of person you are truly dealing with.

Open and pending warrants

Because law enforcement agencies around the country lack the staff and infrastructure to make every arrest, they often leave people with basic warrants to their own devices. Some people get earn an arrest warrant for failure to show up to a court date for a basic speeding ticket. When you use a background check service, you can uncover this information and protect yourself from the uncertainty of working with someone who has a cloud looming over his head.

Family court records

A background check service may reveal unsavory details about a person's family life. If that person has gone through a messy divorce or has fought a child custody battle, this is information you'll want to know. Depending upon the depth of your search, you may be able to get your hands on this sort of information.

Real contact information

Perhaps you're trying to run down a debt or get in touch with a person to sort out some issue of major importance. If that's the case, you'll need their real contact information rather than whatever ten-year old information you might have on file. Many background check services can help you find a real address and legitimate phone number for the person you're tracking. This information will help you facilitate whatever process you're trying to initiate in regard to that individual.

Conducting a background check can make a lot of sense if you have to work closely with a person. While you alone get to determine what things will be true red flags, it's foolish to operate without a full understanding of who a person is and what they're all about. You might be surprised at some of the things you can learn by using one of these services. The information goes beyond the basic criminal background check, which many people can pass by expunging their record. Don't you want to make good decisions with the benefit of full information about the person sitting across the table?


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