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Linda Lou Charbonneau

Fifty-seven year old Linda Lou Charbonneau sits on Delaware's death row, convicted of killing two of her husbands; John Charbonneau and William Sproates.

Linda had been married to Charbonneau for over 20 years when she decided to leave him for his nephew Billy Sproates. The two later married, but within a few years Linda had returned to Charbonneau. Later on both Charbonneau and Sproates went missing within weeks of each other.

Eventually the Delaware police focused their investigation on Linda, and based on clues found on her property, they decided to start digging. Their excavations turned up the corpse of Billy Sproates, buried behind John Charbonneau's house where Linda had been living.  When arrested on suspicion of murder, Linda then implicated her own daughter and the young woman's boyfriend. The boyfriend, Willie Brown, eventually led Delaware police to where John Charbonneau's corpse had been buried.

Apparently, Linda Lou Charbonneau had based her murderous scheme on a plan to collect John Charbonneau's social security checks. When Billy Sproates stumbled onto her misdeeds, he was murdered as a cover up.Linda was convicted of murder and sentenced to death row on June 2, 2004 where she currently awaits her fate.

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Bbee :
Posted 1518 days ago
Tara....u stupid ... ! U need to die with her.
Tara :
Posted 1526 days ago
Ive been locked up with her and shes a cool old broad
Paul :
Posted 1545 days ago
Up for parole in 2017!! That's ridiculous!!
henry :
Posted 2493 days ago
I would like to interview you for a British magazine. We will pay. E-mail me at henry.austin50@yahoo .ca to find out more.
janet :
Posted 2497 days ago
Hello; My name is Janet, I am from South Philadelphia, I would like to write to your aunt Linda, and maybe interview her.
kylie :
Posted 2869 days ago
linda is my aunt

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