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Background Checks . and a Massive Collection of Investigation resources including Public Records/Files . Court Records . Property Records . Arrest Records . Bankruptcy Records . Birth Records . Childcare and Nanny screening . Felony Arrests . Inmates locator . Judgment Files . People search . Plaintiff/Defendants . Police records . Probate records . Adoption Records . Public Court Records . Sex offenders . Skip Tracing . Small Claims Records . Superior Court Records . Unlisted home and cell phone numbers . All Vital Records . Warrant Files, Personal Background Checks, Criminal Record Checks Employee Background Verifications & more!!

With our free research resources you can check out a job applicant, lookup the unspoken past of your friends, a neighbour, your potential date, even your boss, Plus find out what others can learn about YOU!! Use our free database links, handy research tools and Help guides to find Every Bit of information that is available on the Web for Anyone in the world! You can access resources to help with:

  • Finding lost family, friends, relatives

  • Small Claims & Judgment Records

  • Search Real property ownership

  • Identity theft, fraud & alias records

  • Childcare & Nanny screening

  • Police Records, convictions & case #'s

  • Arrest records & inmate locator

  • Incarceration, Sentencing Files

  • Criminal violations & Corrections

  • Courthouse Plaintiff/Defendants

  • FBI files & credit reports

  • home & cellular phone numbers

  • Background checks

  • Skip tracing, Probation & Parolee Files

  • Courthouse records

  • Birth, marriage and divorce records

  • Adoption and Birth Parent records

  • Complete Family Tree Research Resources

  • and much much more!!!

You can Conduct Detailed Background Checks on a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbour



Find where to get copies of your Birth, Adoption, Marriage or Divorce Certificate . Research Court Records and Case Files in Any County . 

Check Property Records, Deeds and Titles AND MUCH, MUCH MORE


Our resources indeed put Power at your fingertips. Enabling you to access the Deep Web & the Billions, that's right Billions of both Hidden & Public Records. You can Verify identities, Credit history, Screen Daycare providers, Contractors, Doctors, Lawyers & Potential Dates. Conduct Extensive Background Screenings, Confirm trusts, Check out & Evaluate bondability. You can even find out What is known about Yourself!


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Here are just a few of the searches you can do

  • Uncover Hidden Secrets and the Actual past of anyone!

  • Massive Resource for Complete Do-it-Yourself Background Checks

  • Locate and Check Criminal Records for yourself or Anyone

  • If you are trying to Locate anyone, anywhere you will find all the resources you need here.

  • Search for personal emails, address records, hard-to-find phone numbers and historical Address Data

  • Researching your family tree? More resources than you can every get through in a Lifetime!

  • Locate long lost love, a college buddy or missing family

  • Military Service Records, Confirm terms of discharge!

  • Advanced cell phone number search - by address, location, name, former address & more

  • Unlisted numbers can be sourced easily.. if you know how!

  • Check out potential partners or dates, Learn the truth?

  • Confirm if you have an FBI File, You may be surprised!

  • Lookup your Credit Report and Score and learn what creditors really know about you.

  • Conduct Due Diligence Criminal Background Checks

  • Are you suspicious of a Spouse, neighbor or Coworker? Check them out today!

  • Conduct Tenant and landlord Checks, Before the move!

  • Locate Social Security Numbers (SSN) and Social Insurance Numbers (worldwide), Also SIN Records

  • Is there a sex offender or recent inmate, inmates in your neighborhood - Check out any neighborhood, District or County and make sure that offenders past and present do not live on your block, or in your neighborhood!


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