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How to do free unlimited background searches

When you are ready to do a free background search, you'll find that there are a lot of easy ways that you can attempt this. Maybe you have an employee that you're unsure about, and you think that they might have a hidden past or history that they don't want to discuss. They may have even lied on the resume or an application.

Public records

If you want to start a background check on them what you can do is refer to public records. These are records that every city and county has on file and the clerk's office keeps them. If anyone is involved in any type of case is that is presented in a court, or if it's signed off by an official court, these records are easily accessible. That's because all city and county court records are considered public information � unless they are sealed. Anyone can go online to retrieve the information and find out or view items like:

  • Warrants, search and seizure records, arrest records, writs

  • Birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates

  • Deeds, titles, mortgage information

  • DUI information, traffic citations, probation information

  • and court records that my show whether or not a person was taken to court or if they were sued

How to start your background search

When you're ready to start a search of this type, what you do is get the person's first and last name and do a search online. One great place to check is our very own Free Public Records resources. Select a free source that we link to and then by typing in the person's first and last name, you're going to more than likely get thousands of names that might be similar to their name especially if they have a common name. For example, if they have a common name like John Smith.

Add a middle name: If you can find a middle name, that's great and it can help you to narrow your search down, but there might be a lot of John L. Smiths, or John S Smiths that are listed. Your next step then will be to search by city or town.

Add a city where they lived: Because this can help you to narrow down the town where the person may have lived, this might make it easier to find them. Try putting in the first and last name and middle initial, and then add a town where they lived. You can also try to search by a town where they grew up in. If a person is being honest with you, about where they grew up, you should more than likely be able to find them.

Being responsible with the background search information you find: What you find when you go into their particular available types of records are all the accessible records on them. Keep in mind that as you go to these particular sites you also have to sign off on information that says that you're going to use it only in a responsible manner to view the information because you may for example, work with the person. You're not going to try to use it to falsify documents for yourself.

The background searches and corresponding information that will be online and that will be available will include things like the person's birth certificate, if they had a marriage license if they got married. You'll find out if they owned property because their mortgage and deed information may be on file, and you may see their title is on file for their home, as well.

Lawsuit information: As you go through various documents, you may also find whether or not they had a judgment against them. You'll see different bits of information like if they were taken to court. For example, if they were ever sued by an employer, or if an employer or someone who rented an apartment to then took them to court to get money back you would see that information there as well.

Criminal records: To complete your search, basically what you want to look far is any type of warrant information, court information that indicates an arrest record, or any type of criminal citation or criminal activity that may be on file. If they committed a crime, the documents will be there because that is in their permanent record.

Will they know I checked their background search info?

Now your next question might be will this person know that I did a background check on them? The answer is no. And whether they do or not, these are public records. Anyone can access these records anytime they go online, so that means that when you're ready to do a search on an employee, all you have to do is go online and you can readily access the information about them. Don't take their word for it, to your own background check. When you are ready to search records, be sure to go to a site such as Free Public Records resources. Because you know that you want to hire honest people who aren't going to lie about their backgrounds, you want to do employment checks to make sure that you've hired the right support staff and that your business partners are honest, as well. In our next section, we'll cover doing employment history checks to protect you and your business.

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