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Most countries in the world today, issue marriage licenses to keep a formal record of each marriage that occurs in their country. In the United States, each state issues a marriage license and every record is kept in a county or state public records database. As there are 3,141 county administrative units in the United States, it could be quite a time consuming task to do an exhaustive search for a marriage record. Records Registry can save you time and frustration, providing you with the appropriate links, resources and how-to information to find the marriage record you are looking for.

Whether you are doing a background search on a spouse, date, friend or family member, verifying an existing marriage or seeing if your marriage records are on file, accurate and timely information is what you desire. GovRegistry has access to the largest collection of public records databases and can help you find the right information by removing the inaccurate links and avoiding dead ends that will waste your time. All members resources are completely legal and have the potential for you to do an exhaustive marriage records investigation quickly.

If the person you are looking for has been officially married, we can assist in uncovering the record. In the United States, after the marriage ceremony, both groom and bride along with the official administering the marriage sign a marriage license. In some cases there may be witnesses needed to sign the marriage license as well. After the wedding, the wedding official such as the Priest or Minister is responsible for filing an authorized copy of the license which is kept as a marriage record with the State or Country Administration. Before the record is fully filed (usually one to six days), administrators often do a background check on both spouses to see if they were either married before or have other documented causes for concern regarding their recent marriage. If there are any warranted discrepancies, the marriage certificate will be void.

Marriage records contain more information than simply a proof of marriage. They also contain the names of the bride, groom, marriage official and sometimes witnesses such as the maid of honour and the best man. Marriage records always contain the marriage date and location as well and may also have a statement of whether the marriage was annulled or not, either voluntarily or due to other circumstances.

To do an exhaustive search for marriage records, especially in the United States, it is not recommended to do it on your own simply through a search engine. You will have to attempt a systematic approach of searching each database, whether they are available through a search engine or not, to track down the name you are looking for. It will help you a lot if you know what state the marriage occurred and even better if you know the county but otherwise it can be extremely frustrating. Let GovRegistry help you uncover these records. If this marriage records exist, we will most likely help you find it with speed.

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