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How to do a free title search

If you're interested in finding out information on a property, you may want to pull the actual title for that particular location. Sometimes when people are passing by a property and they want to get details on it, or they just want to find out the actual information and they may not want to go through a real estate agent.

Sometimes real estate agents can be a little pushy or they can have sales tactics were they want to show you other properties and if you just want to get details on one particular type of property, sometimes you can pull the title information online instantly.

How to start your search for deeds and titles

The easiest way to do this would be to actually go online to a public records search site such as Free Public Records resources and you can type in the address where you saw the property. What you will end up pulling up in your information and your records search, are the actual details on the information. You'll be able to pull the original title information because this is considered a public record.

Understanding title and deeds and generally public records

Public records are any of types of records that are kept on file with the city or county clerk's office. Whether or not this is a property that's in the city, or if it's in the county, it's going to be on file because the clerk has to sign off on it, they date it and stamp the information, and it goes into a file.

As it relates the titles, because the property has records that are associated with the city or the county, because of land ownership, deed information and even things that help with setting up your mortgage, they can actually keep this information on file and you can readily access it. It would be the same information that a real estate agent could pull, but you more than likely can find it online yourself.

Enter the address: When you're ready to pull the title information, just search by the address and the town and you will be able to find the title there. Sometimes people want to pull a title information because they want to find out whether or not a particular property is actually considered a historical landmark and sometimes you can do searches in this manner that help you go back through the ownership over a number of years to find out where the property originated and how old it is for historical purposes.

Land values: You can also find out whether not it was on a certain particular plot of land before ownership took place. You may also find out if the land was divided, and you can find out different things such as various types of water access to the land, and who had the original ownership to various parts of the land that is adjacent to the particular area that you're looking at.

Property searches: Sometimes people have property and deed information questions and they have to research it through maps that the city or county will keep. If you have acres of land for example, and a river is running through proportion of that, you may have a question about where your property line extends versus that of your neighbor and you may have to pull title and deed information. You may also have to access any maps that are online that can reveal where the land markers are for that particular piece of land and the land that is adjacent to it.

Because record searches aren't just limited to houses and titles, in our next section we'll go over how to look for an adoptee

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