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Before employing a new worker, consider a quick search of criminal records

Presently, a lot of people with criminal backgrounds walk the streets freely. Even though these person's have completed jail time and re-joined society, the odds of them engaging in future criminal activity are high.

In fact, many persons incarcerated are repeat offenders. For this matter, it pays to be a little cautious. Searching criminal records is simple. Many websites and organizations recognize the usefulness of knowing the background of our neighbor's and employees. Hence, a number of online websites offer tools for conducting free searches. Consider the following how-to tips for searching criminal records online.

� Federal Bureau of Prisons: Searching criminal records are also useful when trying to find a missing person. In rare cases, missing people with criminal histories can be found incarcerated in one of the state's federal prisons. Each criminal or inmate confined in a prison is recorded with the Federal Bureau of Prison. Begin searching for a criminal by visiting Search criteria include searching by facility name or inmate name. If choosing to search facilities, complete fields for facility name, city, state, and type. Search results will include the name, address, and phone number of all prisons located within a chosen state. Using the inmate locator tool for searching criminal records may be easier. To begin, enter the person's first and last name. You may provide additional information such as sex, race, and age. Matches will include inmate's full name, age, identification number, release date, and location.

� Federal Bureau of Investigation: The FBI's Most Wanted includes a detail description of all wanted criminals. This website is useful for locating information about some of the most notorious criminals. Visitors to the website can search the Top Ten Fugitives, Unknown Bank Robbers, Recent Crime Alerts, etc. There is also links to Missing Children and Adults, Featured Fugitives, and Parental Kidnappings. Visit, and begin searching criminals. The FBI includes multiple photos of all criminals listed, offenses, past criminal activity, and detail description. Criminal descriptions include race, sex, weight, height, eyes, and any known scars or birthmarks. Age progression photographs are used for criminals who committed crimes years ago. There is a reward for the majority of criminals listed on the FBI website. Reward and contact information follows each criminal description.

� Before hiring an employee, perform a quick search with a sexual offender database. There are numerous websites available online that offer free information on person's convicted and charged with a sex crime. To begin your search, visit Choose a state to search. You have the option of searching the entire state's registry, or searching by county. The chosen link will direct you to the state or county's Department of Public Safety website. This webpage includes many search options. If searching sex offender records, complete fields for last name, city, and zip code. Any matches will include information on the person's offense and conviction date. Furthermore, the Department of Public Safety website is useful for searching missing people, fugitives, and amber alerts.



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