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We have many important records in our lives, but few have the importance of driving records such as DMV and MVR records. These records are routinely accessed by automobile insurance companies when you apply for a new policy, or when your existing policy is up for renewal.

In addition, many employers use DMV and MVR records to determine whether or not to extend a job offer, even when the job involved does not require driving. The reasons for this pre-employment check of DMV and MVR records vary, but in many cases they are done to assess the responsibility, character and honesty of the job seeker.

With all this at stake, it just makes sense to make sure that the DMV, MVR and other driving records in your file are accurate and complete. While mistakes may be rare, they do happen, and if they happen to you they could end up costing you your insurance or even a job opportunity.

Most states throughout the country maintain a department of motor vehicles, or DMV, and in most cases this agency will be responsible for maintaining records on drivers licenses, driving records, speeding tickets, parking tickets, DUI arrests and other violations of motor vehicle laws. The DMV is also generally responsible for maintaining ownership records for the cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles registered in the state, including vehicle registration records, license plate information and the like.

Owners and drivers of motor vehicles will need to interact with their state�s department of motor vehicles in order to renew vehicle registrations, buy license plates, pay parking tickets, renew drivers licenses, etc. These drivers will also need to contact their state�s department of motor vehicles in order to obtain copies of their own driving records, DMV records and MVR records.

In some cases this information may be readily available over the internet at the DMV website, while in other cases it may be necessary to request and receive these records by mail. No matter how you obtain these DMV and MVR records, however, it is important to review them carefully. These records will include information on past license suspensions, as well as speeding tickets, DUI arrests and other violations. It is important to review this information carefully in order to ensure that it is accurate and complete. If you spot a discrepancy be sure to notify the state DMV at once in order to have the problem corrected.

It is important for every driver and owner of a motor vehicle to review his or her own driving records on a periodic basis in order to make sure that the information is accurate. It is also a good idea to check such records if any unusual events, such as an unexplained jump in car insurance rates, take place. Such a jump in car insurance rates could have been triggered by information that was found in your driving record, and if that information is inaccurate it is important to have it corrected without delay.

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